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This listing is for "F-BOMB" vinyl decal.  It is made of 2.5mil vinyl with an outdoor life of at least 6 years.  The background shown is for pic purposes only, the background will be whatever you adhere to.  Please message desired color when checking out, if choice isn't made, white decal will be sent as default.  FREE SHIPPING!!!
Available colors:
WHITE                  PINK
BLACK                    PURPLE
RED                        BLUE
                                                                   INSTRUCTIONS:  Clean the surface thoroughly, making sure to remove any dust, dirt or grime. This will help ensure proper adhesion. We recommend to not use any cleaner products that could leave a residue behind like Windex. We recommend just rubbing alcohol. All surfaces must be cleaned first even if they look clean, especially walls! If you did just paint your walls please stop as it is best to wait at least 1 month but some paints can take up to 2 months to fully gas out. If you apply a decal too early on a freshly painted wall the gasses will push the decal right off your surface.

Next, smooth out your decal either by hand or with a squeegee, or a credit card, to remove any wrinkles or ridges. Even if your decal has been crushed in transit, you'll be surprised at how it will reform back into shape with a little care from you.

Now, put your decal in place. It's a good idea to take measurements, if you want to exactly center your die-cut decal. That will mean using a tape measure to ensure equal distances of the decal's edges from the sides, top and bottom of the surface you're applying it to. Of course, you don't necessarily have to center your decal - although most people do. You can go for your own unique, offbeat look by positioning your decal off center, if you like.

Then, remove the backing from your decal. Press it firmly against the surface you wish to apply it to. Use your hands or a squeegee to remove any wrinkles or small bumps so that the decal lies as flat as possible against the surface.

When your decal is lying smoothly against the surface and looks exactly the way you want it and is where you want it, simply remove the protective front cover. That's it. Your vinyl die-cut decal is ready to turn heads and give you years of service.