Do you happen to be part of a rag tag group of hockey players without talent, a coach, or even proper hockey gear? Or perhaps you’re on the other side of the fence and your team is extremely talented, in first place yet obnoxiously evil and potentially from Iceland. Either way, your team is going to have something in common, no it’s not Adam Banks- it’s the need for good uniforms.

As any sports team can testify, having numbered jerseys is a must. That’s why HTJ Graphics is happy to help out both the rag tag underdogs and the overly talented yet frighteningly evil first placers. How do we do that? By offering high-quality custom vinyl lettering.


The process to add custom vinyl lettering, whether it be a team name, player name, or numbering, is simple with the right equipment. Of course, for high quality vinyl cutting, you need some heavy duty equipment. Luckily, HTJ Graphics uses the finest in lettering machinery.

First, the basic procedure for vinyl cutting starts by designing the lettering planned to be put on your jersey. Next, the image is reversed. This happens because the lettering is placed face down on the shirt, re-reversing the letters when applied to the shirt.

To apply, the method is very similar to a Heat Transfer graphic. The lettering is lined up and placed onto the shirt. A heat resistant covering is placed on the outside of the vinyl to keep it from burning. However, under our super heavy duty heat transfer machine, the bottom of the lettering heats up and adheres to the fabric of the shirt.

Of course, there are at-home products that allow you to apply vinyl lettering to your shirt with a hot iron, however these products are often low quality and tend to peel very quickly. The problem is that for a vinyl lettering to adhere correctly, it needs an even amount of heat as well as a lot of pressure applied to the vinyl. Hundreds of pounds of pressure! When using an iron, your variables for both of these can change quite easily. This is why HTJ Graphics can guarantee the best custom lettering you’ve ever seen. Our experienced technicians understand the importance of consistency when applying vinyl lettering. 

If interested in high-quality letters and numbers, don’t hesitate to contact HTJ Graphics. We’ll give you a quote and work with you to find the best design for your shirts.